Wednesday, February 13, 2008


This one is for you Erica. Some people in the world are just wonderfully AWESOME people. Their AWSOMALITY comes natuarally for them. These people are truly blessed with AWESOMENESS! Nothing or no one can compare to these people and the AWESOME presence they bring! They are a rare treasure! One of a kind! They are priceless, AWESOME people. They are AWESOMER than any other person who thinks he/she may be AWESOME!! Here is a a picture of the most AWESOMEST people you will ever meet!!! I love you erica! :)


Erica Rose said...

I'M AWESOME!!!! See that's why I love you Heather!!! You make me feel loved! Lol I just happen to think that you are pretty awesome your self and anyone that would write that many awesomenesses in one paragraph is utterly, unbelievably, wonderfully Awesome them self! We are just such awesome people!

Heather said...

I know right! There is none as AWESOME as we are!!!