Thursday, July 16, 2009


I am so bummed! Alicia Mills text me on the 4th of July saying she had gotten engaged. So exciting! :) Then she called me last night to catch up on things. How am I doing, how is she doing, how did paul propose.............all that good stuff. And then while we were talking, in between her dad yelling n asking questions about how I am, she asked me to be in her wedding! I was so excited n said of course. When is the wedding??? Then she said.......Feb 13! Well that put a damper on things for us. :( My due date is Feb 15 so I can't be in the wedding. My luck I would go into labor during the ceremony. "Does anyone object?" And there I go running and screaming out the door in labor! Lol What a picture that would be. So anyways, I told her I couldn't be in it but I would definitely do my very best to be there. And I told her I would help with anything I could. That's the best I could do. I'm really bummed about not being in the wedding. She's hoping I have the baby before so she can see it. That would be awesome. Well that's the latest news in my life, for now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Nubbly One

So I'm sure everyone has heard by now that Joe and I are expecting. My due date is Feb 15, which should be interesting because Blake was born on Feb 17. Also, my cousin Vanessa is due around Feb 2. So Feb is going to be on crazy month for us. But should definitely be full of excitement. Any who, here is a picture from our first ultrasound. The baby is so tiny! No hands or anything yet, just little nubblys. It's so cute! :) We are so excited. It was so cute watching Joe's face light up into a HUGE smile when the baby came on the screen. I will always remember that moment. One of the best!