Thursday, July 31, 2008

Days 17-24 Make up pics

So, I've totally slacked off on my blogging. So to make it up I'm posting the pics I've taken during the days that I've missed. We went to campbell soup factory, amish country, hershey chocolate factory, and many other places. So here ya go....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 15 &16 On the Farm

As you all know, from previous posts, my parents and I stayed two days with a Menonite family. That is the reason for my not posting in two days, they do not allow computers in their home. I'm not sure if I mentions that they lived on a Dairy Farm, but they do, and they run it. It was a very interesting experience. And a smelly one at that. But it was cool. They family we stayed with consisted of John and Melody, the parents, Wendy, their 16 year old daughter who is very sweet, Jordan their 13 year old son, and their two not-so-sweet sons, Morgan 11, and Denver 7. Wendy basically runs the farm and the house. She makes sure everything is going soomthly on the farm, which includes milking the cows, helping with new births, and yes I did get to see one, and so much more. The three oldest children work extremely hard, harder than some adults I know. They basically keep the dairy farm going with the help of their uncle and grandfather. Wendy also does all the cooking and baking for the family. Her mom owns a stamping company, which she makes all the stamps herself. It's very interesting. Their father makes wood sheds. Like the one my grandpa has in his back yard, if any of you have seen it. And he sells them at like $2,500. Which is very cheap. They are well built tho. It was quite an experience spending time on a farm. They also have a creek on their property. It is so peaceful there and at night it's full of really bright lightning bugs. It was wonderful. This family also has a huge house. I slept in the basement, on a fold-out bed. Super uncomfortable, but that's ok. One thing that freaked me out was the deer head that hangs on the wall that was right above my head. On the first night there, there was a huge thunder storm with lots of lightning and rain that lit up the entire basement, which is huge! I took lots of pictures so enjoy. Oh and we also went with them to feed the homeless, another interesting experience. So I am doing my community service work while I'm gone. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 14 On The Road Again

So we are officially in Pennsylvania, and I have been gone for two weeks today so far. We left about 8 or so this morning and went to Dennys for breakfast. It was good except for one of the workers was mopping the floor with some very STRONG smelling bleach right next to our table. Not good while eating. Anyways, after we ate we went to the trucking yard thing where we left the trailer. We, or should I say Dan got the trailer hitched back up to the rig and we were on our way. I slept most of the morning, it was wonderful. Thats the only good thing about riding in here, I get to sleep all I want n no one gets mad. lol So after I was all rested up I read a book and played around on the computer, while texting a bunch of people. After a while we stopped at some trucking place with a foor court and ate at Burger King *BLAH* It was gross but I didn't wanna make my parents not eat for another hour cuz I didn't want that place. Needless to say I ate some gross chicken fries, about 6 of them, and gave up. Luckily I wasn't all that hungry in the first place. Yes I can be a picky eater. lol Anyways, I knocked out again, then played my computer some more. We stopped for the night and I put everything away thinking we were at the hotel. Guess again, we're sleeping in the rig tonight. :( So not cool. So here I am on the bottom bunk, which is about twin size, sharing it with my mom while dan is on the top bunk. I am so not looking forward to the snoring, I'm so glad that I charged my ipod so I can tune them out. I hope I get some sleep tonight. We shall see. So tomorrow we should get to these peoples house around noon or so. I will take lots of pictures there. It should be interesting. Well im going to try and get some sleep. G'nite all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 13

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I've been gone. Crazy, it's gone by fast. Today was a pretty kick back day for the most part. We got up n got ready and we went to IHOP for breakfast. Pretty good :). After we finished eating my mom n I walked over to target and browsed around we got a few things. We finally found MarioKart for the Wii. We have been looking everywhere for it. SO we finally bought it. I also found a really cute little cardigan, which I totally forgot to buy, I was having a major blonde moment. But anyways, we dropped our packages off at the rig and headed over to Shoe Carnival, who was having a MAJOR sidewalk sale. I was in heaven. I got three pair of shoes and spent a grand total of $15.05. I got some $2 jellys, which are really comfortable, and I got two pair of really cute heels for $6 each. A blue pair for me and a tan pair for Erica. They're super cute n comfy. There was some zebra shoes there that I wanted but they weren't on sale. :( Oh well, Next time. Then we went to Dress Barn and I got a really cute skirt to match a jacket I bought in Arkansas. N we went to several more stores. Lucky for me a shirt that my mom bought Jeremy was too small and we had to go back to Target and get a new one. SO I was able to get my Cardigan. YAY!! It's pink and super cute!!! Anyways, after Target we chilled at the hotel and I Packed up some of my stuff cuz we leave tomorrow. After a while we went to Panda Express then came back to the hotel. I finished getting my stuff packed, and then I figured out what classes I am going to take this fall. I was going to register, but when I went to register online, the system was down for the night and won't be back up til tomorrow. So that's that. And now here I am once again for the 13th time updating my blog. Well I better get some sleep, we leave tomorrow and head for Pennsylvania. We're going to be staying at some friends of my parents house. They're menonite, so that should be interesting, and we're going to amish country. AWESOME!!! Lol G'nite!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 12

So today was an awesome day! I got to sleep in until 11 today. It was sheer bliss compared to gettin up at the crack of dawn like I have been lately. It was a total kick back day for me. After I got up I played some computer games for a while then I got into the shower. After I got out I fought with my wonderful hair which did not want to work with me at all today. I finally just gave up and pinned it up. It was just not a good hair day. So about an hour or so after I finished my hair my mom and dan came back to the hotel from the convetion center and told me that we were going out to eat with some friends. So I had to get dressed and brush my teeth, cuz let's face it, my breath was kicking. lol :) Anyways my parents friends, Dave and Brenda, came and picked us up and we headed out for dinner. We went to Chili's but it was SUPER packed out so we went to Longhorn Steak house instead. I had the best filet mignon ever!!! *YUMMY* And I love their sweet tea. It's so good! So we ate and socialized then headed out to leave. As we were heading out we ran into some other friends. So more talking and standing around was done. Oh the joy. So we finally left and headed back to the hotel. On our way back we realized why everywhere was so packed. American Idol was being hosted at some huge center right next to chili's and longhorn. So it took a while to get through traffic. When we finally got here, I decided to washed my hair since I was not having a good hair day I decided to straighten it. During the process of straightening my hair I burned my finger and left a blister. Not fun at all, but rather quite painful. But I just finished my hair, and here I am. Yes Erica, I will be home two weeks from tomorrow, and I am so excited to return home now cuz you'll prolly still be there and we can have a girls day. I can't wait!!!! :) Tomorrow is supposed to be another shopping day so hopefully it will be fun!!! We shall see! Hope everyone is doing good, I would love to hear from you all! Oh yea, and I hope I get some sleep tonight cuz there is a wedding party here, I think the reception might be here cuz there is some really loud music going on. I think it's on floor 1 cuz we're on 2 and they sound like they're right below us. Thank God I have my ipod. lol But that doesn't stop the vibrations in the floor. lol

Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 11

Today was a very boring day. We got up n got ready, then we went to Breakfast at Dennys. We came back to the hotel and took the hotels shuttle over to the convention center. CHA is huge. They have like three ginormous halls that are full of all kinds of exhibitor booths. Some of the stuff is cool, but I really wasn't in the mood to look around. I wasn't feeling well. Anyways, we wandered around n saw some people we know n then we found dan. We didn't stay very long today, than God We came back to the hotel and just chilled for a while. Then we decided to go have a late lunch/early dinner at some place called Portillos. It wasn't all that great. The only thing I liked were the french fries. But after that we came back to the hotel n just did our own thing. Now here I am writing about my boring life. lol And my head is killing me so I'm going to go for tonight. G'nite all. See you in a couple weeks. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 10

Well, today was totally uneventful. For me anyways. So we left at 6 this morning went to McDonalds and then picked up the trailer and headed out. I slept most of the morning. We stopped at Cracker Barrel to eat. I basically just played on the computer today. I had alot to think about today. I think I wanna move away for like a year. I would miss everyone but I think I just really need to get away. Idk, just something I've been thinking about. But anyways. We're in Chicago now, a really ugly city. Tomorrow we're going to CHA it's like a craft convention. Where businesses go to see what new product is out that they might want to buy. They have alot of make-and-take-its. Like demonstrations that we get to do and keep so that shouldn't be too bad. At least I'll have something to do. Well that is it for tonight. Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to write abou tomorrow. ta-ta for now!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 9

These last couplde of days have gone by so fast. I guess it's prolly cuz I've been having fun. So today was my last day in Arkansas, :(. We leave for Chicago in the morning. So far I've really enjoyed this this trip. I've really enjoyed myself. I was especially happy this morning because I got to sleep in for a little bit. My parents went to breakfast and I stayed here at the hotel and straightened my hair. It only took about 2 hours. lol I got a new straightener and it steams n burns my hand so it takes longer. Well anywho. After I finished my hair we did some laundry then went out. We went to another Cado store n didn't really find anything. So we went to Walmart to get some stuff, then went to a restaurant callled Browns. It's kinda like Cracker Barrel in a way, it has the little store and restaurant. We didnt eat there we just browsed around the store. Then we came back to the hotel n TOdd met us here. We just kinda sat n chilled here til Dan got hungry n we decided to go to a mexican restaurant called Ta Molly's n TJ met us there. The food was pretty good, nothing like our California mexican food though. lol So after we ate TJ took me n mom so some park n we walked around there. It was really pretty. Super green and LOTS of bugs. It's cool seeing lightning bugs though. I got some pretty cool pics of them. Anyways after we walked the mile long path we drove to Sonic and came back to our hotel. We just hung out here acting dumb. Todd left n TJ stayed for a lil while longer, then he had to go. We all said our goodbyes. So sad. lol Well kinda was. It was alot of fun hanging out with them this week. But so now I'm here all packed up n ready to hit the road again. We will be driving all day tomorrow so i will prolly just sleep the whole day again. Ah it's the life. lol well that's bout it. Off to bed for me gotta get up at 6 (4am cali time). And I need my beauty sleep. lol Oh yea n while I was packing I went to put my vans in my suitcase n I turned it over and a dead spider fell in my hand it was so disgusting. This place has too many bugs!!!!! *shudder*

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 8

Wow, I've been gone a week and a day already. It's going by fast. It's good, but kinda sucks at the same time. So my day started off with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Todd, Vicki, and David. It was really good. Which was a drastic change from the other Cracker Barrels we've been to so far on this trip. After breakfast we came back to the hotel for a minute, then Dan and Todd dropped me and my mom off at a little strip mall. We went to several different stores. I got a bunch of new stuff, and I still have money left, so I'm doing good. When we finished shopping we called Dan and Todd and they came and picked us back up n took us back to the hotel. We sat here and talked for a while, then TJ came over here when he got off work. We tried to beat Diner Dash and didn't succeed. lol So we all went over to their house to have dinner. We ate and then chilled. Tj and I played halo 3 for a little while, but then he got tired of getting beat so we quit. lol jk We sat around while and TJ played his guitar. Then TJ got this bright idea to kill all the wasps in the nest on their porch. So he got some kinda spray and sprayed it, but that didn't do anything so he got a golf club and knocked it down, real smart on his part. So he ran back inside and we watched from the window. Then he decided to play golf with the fallen nest. That was short lived. So we decided to go outside and walk around. We walked down their mile long drive way and turned down like two other streets and then we got tired n decided to get the quad. So we turned around and went back to the house. On the way back TJ decided he wanted a piggy back ride. That went well seeing as he is 6'2 and weighs 200lbs he ended up like choking me. lol It was so funny. By the time we got there we were too lazy to get the quad out and go riding. So we just sat around the house again n talked n took pics n were acting dumb. It was alot of fun. Then Todd and Tj dropped us off back at our hotel and I took a shower. Then I talked to Joe and downloaded the pictures from my camera. So here I am at the end of another day in my life. Rather boring in writing but so much fun in real life. lol

Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 7

Wow, today was one of the most interesting of this trip so far. Let's see, I woke up bout 8:30, and took a shower. I got ready to go. Todd Kennedy and his son David came and picked up my parents n I n we went to IHOP for breakfast. I ordered a Ceasar salad which was totally disgusting. But anyways, after we ate my mom and I walked over to Cato's, a really cool store. I bought an awesome green purse, some white sandals, a red shirt, and a green jacket. They have so much n super cute. After Cato's we went to Payless and my mom got some cute lil shoes. Then dan, todd, n david picked us up again n we went and met up with todd's wife vicki. From there David, me, my mom n vicki tried to make our way to Park Plaza mall and got lost. But we found a stein mart n i got two shirts. Then we finally got to the mall and walked around. Then TJ came and met up with us. We all ended up just chilling at the mall in some little lounge area. Then TJs friend Trea met us there n hung out for a little bit. Finally we got super hungry and ended up at PF Changs. We had a very interesting time there. Some lady across the restaurant did NOT know how to sit in a skirt, so Vicki took it upon herself to ask the lady to please put a napkin over her legs. Needless to say it didn't go over too well. The lady was affended n said she had shorts on underneath. The group was makin rude loud comments about was vicki said, and the lady stood up and began flapping her skirt up and down. They were rather on the intoxicated side. They said a few words to us on the way out but um... non postable words. lol Anyways, it was pretty embarrassing.Oh and on their way out they called us perverts. lol After that we came to the hotel so I could brush my teeth and do my hair. Then Me, TJ, and Davif went to birthday party for some guy. I met alot of people. It was ok at the party, but then we went to their friends church where they proceeded to "jam" it was interesting. They guys kept coming up to me and making random comments and acting retarded. It was funny. After we lef the church me, tj, and david went to hastings and walked around for a while. Then they dropped me off at the hotel. Now I am posting and bout to crash. Here are some pics from today.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Days 5 & 6

Well, I didn't get a chance to post last night so it's a two-for-one tonight. Day 5 was a pretty good day, we had breakfast and went to the convention center. The show went ok, and we started tearing down at 5pm. It only took two hours to tear everything down. It went very well. We just chilled at the convention center waiting for dan to finish loading the truck. After he finished with that we went to panda express and got food, then we went back to the hotel. I ate my food, took a shower and played diner dash, lol my new computer game. It's addicting lol. I was gong to post last night but I fell asleep, then Joe called and I knocked out again. Day 6 was pretty much a blur for me. It was wonderful though. I caught up on all my sleep. We left around 9 or so. I fell asleep pretty much right away. We had a few bathroom stops and we stoppe once to eat. We drove from Georgia through Alabama, Mississippi, Tennesse, and finally made it to Arkansas. We were supposed to go to the Emerson's church tonight but since we had sort of a late start and the weather wasn't cooperating it took us a little longer than planned to get here. But we finally made it, checked in to our hotel and met the Emerson's, the Kennedy's and some youth from another church at Ruby Tuesdays. It was interesting. Tomorrow we are going shopping, YAY. I can't wait. Well it's almost midnight here so I better get some sleep. More to come later! More pictures to come soon.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 4

So, this week seems to be going by fast, the only downfall is that I can never remember what day it is. I'm getting all mixed up. Well, anyways, today was a pretty good day. I woke up at 6:40 got ready, and went to the hotel breakfast again with my parents. It was pretty good today. My potatos were soft this time. We got the convention center around 8 or so. We had a few last minute things to get ready so we worked on getting it done til the show floor opened. It was a pretty good day there were lots of women there. It was so cold in the building though. Dan and I went for a starbucks run. I was so tired I knocked out in the car. We got our coffee and went back to the convention center. That was about 2 so we only had 4 more hours left to work. It went by pretty fast. The only weird thing about today is one of the Expo guys kept circling our booth and staring. So I have a stalker lol. Ima try to get a pic of him tomorrow so everyone can see. Well, I bought alot of scrapbook stuff today, which is funny since I like never scrapbook. lol I got some really cute stuff tho. But anyways we left at 6 to go to dinner with another couple from the show. We went to some mexican buffet only to find they were closed, so we went to a seafood buffet and they were super expensive, so we ended up at cracker barrel. Oh my! It was an experience. It took them forever to seat us, our waitress came fairly quickly to take our orders. But it took 20 minutes for her to bring out our drinks, and or food came 2 minutes later, the problem was we hadnt even gotten our salads yet. And the food, UGH, of the food. My mashed potatos and mac and cheese were sitting up out so long they looked fake. They were all hard n gross. So needless to say the manager came out, we got two free meals, and thats that. lol We came back to the hotel, I took a shower and now I am on here. Again. So hope you enjoy the pics and the updates. It's keeping me entertained. Miss you all.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 3

Alrighty, another day almost over. So far the trip is going by fast. Today was a good day, rather busy. I went to sleep about 2 this morning. I'm still not use to this time change. But anyways, I got up about 7:30 got dressed n went with my parents and Scooter downstairs to the breakfast buffet thing they offer at the hotel. It was ok except my potatos were hard as rocks, and the eggs were really runny, but other than that the bagel and chocolate milk was good. lol After breakfast we went to the convention center and started our set up. It was grueling. lol If that's even a word haha. We started setting up at 9 this morning and finished abour 4 this afternoon. I forgot how long and how much work it was to get everything organized and set up. But we got through it thank God. After we finished we went to Applebees for dinner, which totally made me miss home like ALOT. That's like where we go after church on Sundays all the time. :( I miss you guys! Anyways, after dinner we dropped Dan off at the hotel, and me, mom, and scooter went n did some shopping. We went to Avenue so mom could pay her bill, we went to some place called Rigged, it's like a Ross or DDs Discount. After that we went to Barnes and Noble and spent like forever there. I bought a book for one of my sisters, a chicken soup book, and a spanish english dictionary thing. lol I gotta learn spanish if Ima be visiting the Sernas again. lol Then after that we went to Super Walmart, again. I got some more books, and mom n scooter had to get some stuff. And now I am sitting in my room at the hotel writing this blog and reading a book. Oh yes, I am that talented. lol Well I miss all you people! More to come tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 2

So today is Dat 2 of my 27 day trip. I think it's 27 anyways lol. Today was a much better day than yesterday. I went to sleep bout 4 this morning, or 1 California time. Time change is so hard to get used to. Lucky for me mom let my sleep in til 10. We went to Cracker Barrel again and my pancakes we so tough and my hasbrowns were super greasy. Not a very good breakfast. But anyways after we ate me n mom went to Super Walmart n went shopping. I got a cute new sweater! After we spent a couple hours at wal mart we went to the airport to pick scooter up. Ugh that airport was so packed and people would stop in the middle of the road and pick up their people. No that we did that or anything...heehee. It was so crazy there. But anyways after the airport we went to Sams Club. Right when we got there a huge storm came through and the lights in Sams Club started flickering. They didn't go off though. Thank God. So we got done there n came back to the hotel and picked Dan up n went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was so good! Then we came back to the hotel, I took a shower, then helped price all the product that came in. After the pricing was done I straightened my hair with my new straightener which took FOREVER, or so it seemes. But now that I am done I am just chilling in my room once again updating my blog. There really isn't much else to do except read or play games. So I chose blogging. Here are some pics I took while driving around Atlanta today.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well I made it

I made it to Georgia, finally. So I got up around 3:45 or so and got dressed and ready to go. We left for the airport around 4 and got there bout 4:30. We checked in and went through the metal detectors. So I put my bags on the belt and put my shoes in one of those box/tub things. So I went through with no problems, but when I went to get my sandals from the belt only one was there. The lady who put my stuff through the screening thing she took my sandals out of the tub and one got stuck in the xray thing. So I'm standing there with one sandal looking retarded. I had to ask one of the security people to get my sandal out of the machine. Pretty interestting. lol I was stuck between conveyer belts. Someone needs to tell that lady tha tyou can't put thin flip flops through there unless they're in a tub. But that was just the beginning of the morning. We went to our gate only to find out that our flight was canceled. There was something wrong with the plane. So we had to get totally new flights. But our flight didn't leave til three hours after our original flight was supposed to leave. I was so tired, so I layed on the floor in the airport and went to sleep. The first flight went by fairly quickly. We landed with no problems, except the plane was rattling so bad when we landed I thought it was gonna fall apart. So we get to our gate to find out that they changed it on us. So we had to go to yet another gate only to find out that our flight is delayed by like an hour or two. So more time spent chilling in the airport, but at least this time i had cinabon. So our plane finally gets there and we board. Well to make a long story short we had rude flight attendants, and there were two babies on our row, which happened to be twins. And the flight attendents would only let one sit with their mom at a time n the other was with her sister. So they were constantly crying n being pains. Not a good flight. Thank God for ipods. But we made it, got out luggage n fought our way out of the airport. We ate at Cracker Barrel, got the big rig, and came to our hotel. So now I am just waiting for Joe to call n chilling in my room. So that was my day. More to come during this trip!!! Miss you all!