Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 12

So today was an awesome day! I got to sleep in until 11 today. It was sheer bliss compared to gettin up at the crack of dawn like I have been lately. It was a total kick back day for me. After I got up I played some computer games for a while then I got into the shower. After I got out I fought with my wonderful hair which did not want to work with me at all today. I finally just gave up and pinned it up. It was just not a good hair day. So about an hour or so after I finished my hair my mom and dan came back to the hotel from the convetion center and told me that we were going out to eat with some friends. So I had to get dressed and brush my teeth, cuz let's face it, my breath was kicking. lol :) Anyways my parents friends, Dave and Brenda, came and picked us up and we headed out for dinner. We went to Chili's but it was SUPER packed out so we went to Longhorn Steak house instead. I had the best filet mignon ever!!! *YUMMY* And I love their sweet tea. It's so good! So we ate and socialized then headed out to leave. As we were heading out we ran into some other friends. So more talking and standing around was done. Oh the joy. So we finally left and headed back to the hotel. On our way back we realized why everywhere was so packed. American Idol was being hosted at some huge center right next to chili's and longhorn. So it took a while to get through traffic. When we finally got here, I decided to washed my hair since I was not having a good hair day I decided to straighten it. During the process of straightening my hair I burned my finger and left a blister. Not fun at all, but rather quite painful. But I just finished my hair, and here I am. Yes Erica, I will be home two weeks from tomorrow, and I am so excited to return home now cuz you'll prolly still be there and we can have a girls day. I can't wait!!!! :) Tomorrow is supposed to be another shopping day so hopefully it will be fun!!! We shall see! Hope everyone is doing good, I would love to hear from you all! Oh yea, and I hope I get some sleep tonight cuz there is a wedding party here, I think the reception might be here cuz there is some really loud music going on. I think it's on floor 1 cuz we're on 2 and they sound like they're right below us. Thank God I have my ipod. lol But that doesn't stop the vibrations in the floor. lol