Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 11

Today was a very boring day. We got up n got ready, then we went to Breakfast at Dennys. We came back to the hotel and took the hotels shuttle over to the convention center. CHA is huge. They have like three ginormous halls that are full of all kinds of exhibitor booths. Some of the stuff is cool, but I really wasn't in the mood to look around. I wasn't feeling well. Anyways, we wandered around n saw some people we know n then we found dan. We didn't stay very long today, than God We came back to the hotel and just chilled for a while. Then we decided to go have a late lunch/early dinner at some place called Portillos. It wasn't all that great. The only thing I liked were the french fries. But after that we came back to the hotel n just did our own thing. Now here I am writing about my boring life. lol And my head is killing me so I'm going to go for tonight. G'nite all. See you in a couple weeks. :)


Erica Rose said...

YAY!!!! So, two weeks from tomorrow you will be here!!!!