Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Budget! Budget! Budget! AH! Where do I begin?!?! I am so confused about this whole envelope system. I know it can't be that hard, but I just can't seem to grasp it. Do we set our envelopes up for the entire month, or can we do it weekly, because Joe and I get paid opposite weeks (so we basically get paid every week). How do we know how much to put in our envelopes? I have so many questions!!!! I think I need to call in a pro!!! Granny & Papa here I come!!! Lol I have GOT to figure this out somehow!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Tonight we had a very awesome service at church. Lots of praise and worship, along with a lesson on Christian Stewardship. Basically a money managing course. It's all got me thinking, where IS our money going? Majority of our money goes to bills, then food, then necessities. But where does all that "unclaimed" money go to? I hope to be able to set up a meeting with the preacher, but it seems we have a conflict of schedules due to work, so I'm not sure what we're going to do.

I want to set up a budget, and have been "attempting" to for quite some time now. But it never seems to happen. I bought the Dave Ramsey 'Total Money Makeover' CD and Books, but I still don't fully understand it. Joe doesn't have a set income, and I'm not sure what mine is yet due to starting a new job recently. So I am totally clueless about the whole Envelope System. I really REALLY want to start it, but have no idea what to do. Any suggestions? I'm open to just about anything. I really want to take a Dave Ramsey Class but they're kind of pricey and not very many in this area. So thoughts and ideas are welcome!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Full of Suprises!

So this last Sunday night I decided to take out Melody's potty chair, and see how she reacted to it. I wasn't really expecting much, but I set it up in her bathroom anyways. I took her diaper off and sat her on the potty chair, and introduced her to the potty and all the fun noises it makes. She didn't do much, just kinda checked it out. So we put her diaper back on, and went about our night.

Monday comes around, and we run errands all day. When we got home I decided to have Melody sit on the potty again and try to go. SHE WENT!!! She totally amazed me. Not only did she go once that night, but three times. She loves the noises it makes after she goes potty. She went this morning when she woke up, and again this afternoon when I got home from work. I know she is only 12 months and 1 1/2 weeks old, but if she goes then I am all for it!!! She doesn't tell me when she has to go or anything, but I try to take her every 15 - 20 minutes or after she has eaten or drank something. She does say potty after she goes, along with clapping and saying "YAY" with me. I'm super excited, and proud of her. Too bad I just bought a box of 108 diapers! lol I am one excited mommy!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just thinking

You ever feel like you want to just run away? Not forever or even a long period of time, just for a day, or even and hour or two. Lately I have been feeling like that.

The other night I just had to get out, I asked Joe to put Melody to sleep, and I took off. I didn't go far, just to target for an hour or so, then I just drove for a little while. I have come to a point in life where I really appreciate alone time. I never thought that would happen. I mean, I was pretty much alone my teenage years. Not that I'm feeling sorry for myself or anything, I had friends and family that came around, but for the most part I was alone. I hated going anywhere by myself, I would call friends just to go get gas with me. It's like I had to have people around me as often as I could. Now it's almost the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with family and friends, but I really cherish my "Me time" now.

I wish I had my friends from high school back. Yes, I have friends now, but once your married you separate from those who are in different stages of life than you. I have no close friends to call in the middle of the night just to ask if they want to go on a drive with me anymore. Yes, I know your spouse is supposed to be your best friend, and your supposed to be able to tell them anything, yada, yada, yada. Really? I love my husband to death, but talking to him isn't the same as talking to a girlfriend. It's just not. Sometimes you need someone outside of the relationship to talk to. I talk to my family alot, but come one! They're my family. We all get tired of each other. lol

I guess I just wish some people didn't change, or outgrow others. I don't know, guess I'm in kind of a tough spot in life right now. I guess I just need to suck it up, and ride it out. Same ol' same ol'. Nothing else I can really do at this point.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


These blogs are supposed to be for rantings, ravings, random thoughts, and such..... right? Well here it goes......

I know it's been a LONG while since I have been on here. It seems to be a fad that faded quick. Facebook is the new thing, it's so much faster and easier to say what's on your mind, but every now and then I like to come to my blog and add a thing or two.

Lately it seems like alot is going on. I feel overwhelmed most of the time, like I'm the only one holding everything together. I know that's self-centered, and I'm not the only one, but it really seems to feel that way. Like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. Like Melody for instance.....

I love my daughter to pieces, and nothing will ever change that, but no one told me parenting was so tough. She is a very easy child, compared to some that I have a work. But boy does she have a mind of her own. She is very persistent with the things she does, and she picks up on things very quickly. She knows how to turn lights on and off, she points at EVERYTHING, she says "Bye-Bye", "Daddy", and "Mommy". Along with a few other things we aren't quite sure of. lol But she really knows how to push ones buttons. I think one of the hardest parts of parenting for me is disciplining. I hate giving Melody spankings, but sometimes she needs them. I do not want a brat who doesn't listen and creates havoc all over the place. Nor do I want a child who is afraid to breath for fear of getting yelled at. How do you draw the line?

Another thing that seems to add to the stress is work. Why couldn't I be one of those lucky few mothers that don't have to work to get by? I wish I could be a stay at home mom, and spend all day with Melody instead of other people's children. I hate dropping her off every morning, and see her sad that I have to leave. Sometimes life just isn't fair. I think I need to play the lotto or something.

Why does life have to come at us so quickly and violently? Why can't it come in a slow, smooth motion? Why do we have to stress over everything? Why can't things happen the way we want them to? I guess life is full of "Why's" and "What ifs".

Just a little piece of what's on my mind.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Been a long time

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted anything on here in so long. A lot has happened. We had the most beautiful little girl on February 12, 2010. Melody Rae Serna. She is so precious. She will be 2 months old on Friday. Time has flown by way too fast. Mel just keeps growing, before we know it she is going to be graduating from high school. It's crazy!

So I'm really excited, I just bought the Dave Ramsey book, The Total Money Makeover, and the workbook. I am just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I can't wait to get started on it.

This is my very short post in about 7 months. I can't write too much, might give some people heart attacks. lol

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's a definite!

So I had another sonogram today. Apparently the doctor who did it last time didn't get all the measurements needed so they had to reschedule me. Today's appointment was awesome. The doctor actually knew what he was doing so instead of being in the room for 45 min before my mom n grandma could come in, it was only about 10 min. He was a super good doctor. And plus he gave me three new pics and let us hear the heartbeat. It was wonderful! Sad though because Joe couldn't get off of work. But here are the new pics we got today! I finally got my gender pic so I can show everyone that it really is a girl! lol