Sunday, June 12, 2011


Tonight we had a very awesome service at church. Lots of praise and worship, along with a lesson on Christian Stewardship. Basically a money managing course. It's all got me thinking, where IS our money going? Majority of our money goes to bills, then food, then necessities. But where does all that "unclaimed" money go to? I hope to be able to set up a meeting with the preacher, but it seems we have a conflict of schedules due to work, so I'm not sure what we're going to do.

I want to set up a budget, and have been "attempting" to for quite some time now. But it never seems to happen. I bought the Dave Ramsey 'Total Money Makeover' CD and Books, but I still don't fully understand it. Joe doesn't have a set income, and I'm not sure what mine is yet due to starting a new job recently. So I am totally clueless about the whole Envelope System. I really REALLY want to start it, but have no idea what to do. Any suggestions? I'm open to just about anything. I really want to take a Dave Ramsey Class but they're kind of pricey and not very many in this area. So thoughts and ideas are welcome!!!