Sunday, July 20, 2008

Day 13

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I've been gone. Crazy, it's gone by fast. Today was a pretty kick back day for the most part. We got up n got ready and we went to IHOP for breakfast. Pretty good :). After we finished eating my mom n I walked over to target and browsed around we got a few things. We finally found MarioKart for the Wii. We have been looking everywhere for it. SO we finally bought it. I also found a really cute little cardigan, which I totally forgot to buy, I was having a major blonde moment. But anyways, we dropped our packages off at the rig and headed over to Shoe Carnival, who was having a MAJOR sidewalk sale. I was in heaven. I got three pair of shoes and spent a grand total of $15.05. I got some $2 jellys, which are really comfortable, and I got two pair of really cute heels for $6 each. A blue pair for me and a tan pair for Erica. They're super cute n comfy. There was some zebra shoes there that I wanted but they weren't on sale. :( Oh well, Next time. Then we went to Dress Barn and I got a really cute skirt to match a jacket I bought in Arkansas. N we went to several more stores. Lucky for me a shirt that my mom bought Jeremy was too small and we had to go back to Target and get a new one. SO I was able to get my Cardigan. YAY!! It's pink and super cute!!! Anyways, after Target we chilled at the hotel and I Packed up some of my stuff cuz we leave tomorrow. After a while we went to Panda Express then came back to the hotel. I finished getting my stuff packed, and then I figured out what classes I am going to take this fall. I was going to register, but when I went to register online, the system was down for the night and won't be back up til tomorrow. So that's that. And now here I am once again for the 13th time updating my blog. Well I better get some sleep, we leave tomorrow and head for Pennsylvania. We're going to be staying at some friends of my parents house. They're menonite, so that should be interesting, and we're going to amish country. AWESOME!!! Lol G'nite!