Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 14 On The Road Again

So we are officially in Pennsylvania, and I have been gone for two weeks today so far. We left about 8 or so this morning and went to Dennys for breakfast. It was good except for one of the workers was mopping the floor with some very STRONG smelling bleach right next to our table. Not good while eating. Anyways, after we ate we went to the trucking yard thing where we left the trailer. We, or should I say Dan got the trailer hitched back up to the rig and we were on our way. I slept most of the morning, it was wonderful. Thats the only good thing about riding in here, I get to sleep all I want n no one gets mad. lol So after I was all rested up I read a book and played around on the computer, while texting a bunch of people. After a while we stopped at some trucking place with a foor court and ate at Burger King *BLAH* It was gross but I didn't wanna make my parents not eat for another hour cuz I didn't want that place. Needless to say I ate some gross chicken fries, about 6 of them, and gave up. Luckily I wasn't all that hungry in the first place. Yes I can be a picky eater. lol Anyways, I knocked out again, then played my computer some more. We stopped for the night and I put everything away thinking we were at the hotel. Guess again, we're sleeping in the rig tonight. :( So not cool. So here I am on the bottom bunk, which is about twin size, sharing it with my mom while dan is on the top bunk. I am so not looking forward to the snoring, I'm so glad that I charged my ipod so I can tune them out. I hope I get some sleep tonight. We shall see. So tomorrow we should get to these peoples house around noon or so. I will take lots of pictures there. It should be interesting. Well im going to try and get some sleep. G'nite all.