Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 8

Wow, I've been gone a week and a day already. It's going by fast. It's good, but kinda sucks at the same time. So my day started off with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Todd, Vicki, and David. It was really good. Which was a drastic change from the other Cracker Barrels we've been to so far on this trip. After breakfast we came back to the hotel for a minute, then Dan and Todd dropped me and my mom off at a little strip mall. We went to several different stores. I got a bunch of new stuff, and I still have money left, so I'm doing good. When we finished shopping we called Dan and Todd and they came and picked us back up n took us back to the hotel. We sat here and talked for a while, then TJ came over here when he got off work. We tried to beat Diner Dash and didn't succeed. lol So we all went over to their house to have dinner. We ate and then chilled. Tj and I played halo 3 for a little while, but then he got tired of getting beat so we quit. lol jk We sat around while and TJ played his guitar. Then TJ got this bright idea to kill all the wasps in the nest on their porch. So he got some kinda spray and sprayed it, but that didn't do anything so he got a golf club and knocked it down, real smart on his part. So he ran back inside and we watched from the window. Then he decided to play golf with the fallen nest. That was short lived. So we decided to go outside and walk around. We walked down their mile long drive way and turned down like two other streets and then we got tired n decided to get the quad. So we turned around and went back to the house. On the way back TJ decided he wanted a piggy back ride. That went well seeing as he is 6'2 and weighs 200lbs he ended up like choking me. lol It was so funny. By the time we got there we were too lazy to get the quad out and go riding. So we just sat around the house again n talked n took pics n were acting dumb. It was alot of fun. Then Todd and Tj dropped us off back at our hotel and I took a shower. Then I talked to Joe and downloaded the pictures from my camera. So here I am at the end of another day in my life. Rather boring in writing but so much fun in real life. lol


Jana McVay said...

WOW....all I can say we all know what TJ's face looks like, up close and personal. LOL Glad you are having a good time shopping, shopping, working, shopping, eating at Cracker Barrel, shopping, and more shopping. Makes me jealous! I want to eat at Cracker Barrel!! TEll them they need to build out here in barren Cali!!

Erica Rose said...

WAAAAAHHHH!!!! Who is going to tolerate me playing Halo even though I don't even know how to make the stupid guy look straight ahead??? I always end up looking at the sky and going in circle! That has to be the most stressful game in the world! I always get killed dead in the first 10 minutes!