Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 7

Wow, today was one of the most interesting of this trip so far. Let's see, I woke up bout 8:30, and took a shower. I got ready to go. Todd Kennedy and his son David came and picked up my parents n I n we went to IHOP for breakfast. I ordered a Ceasar salad which was totally disgusting. But anyways, after we ate my mom and I walked over to Cato's, a really cool store. I bought an awesome green purse, some white sandals, a red shirt, and a green jacket. They have so much n super cute. After Cato's we went to Payless and my mom got some cute lil shoes. Then dan, todd, n david picked us up again n we went and met up with todd's wife vicki. From there David, me, my mom n vicki tried to make our way to Park Plaza mall and got lost. But we found a stein mart n i got two shirts. Then we finally got to the mall and walked around. Then TJ came and met up with us. We all ended up just chilling at the mall in some little lounge area. Then TJs friend Trea met us there n hung out for a little bit. Finally we got super hungry and ended up at PF Changs. We had a very interesting time there. Some lady across the restaurant did NOT know how to sit in a skirt, so Vicki took it upon herself to ask the lady to please put a napkin over her legs. Needless to say it didn't go over too well. The lady was affended n said she had shorts on underneath. The group was makin rude loud comments about was vicki said, and the lady stood up and began flapping her skirt up and down. They were rather on the intoxicated side. They said a few words to us on the way out but um... non postable words. lol Anyways, it was pretty embarrassing.Oh and on their way out they called us perverts. lol After that we came to the hotel so I could brush my teeth and do my hair. Then Me, TJ, and Davif went to birthday party for some guy. I met alot of people. It was ok at the party, but then we went to their friends church where they proceeded to "jam" it was interesting. They guys kept coming up to me and making random comments and acting retarded. It was funny. After we lef the church me, tj, and david went to hastings and walked around for a while. Then they dropped me off at the hotel. Now I am posting and bout to crash. Here are some pics from today.


Erica Rose said...

Hmph you are not allowed to have fun without me!!!! SOB