Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 9

These last couplde of days have gone by so fast. I guess it's prolly cuz I've been having fun. So today was my last day in Arkansas, :(. We leave for Chicago in the morning. So far I've really enjoyed this this trip. I've really enjoyed myself. I was especially happy this morning because I got to sleep in for a little bit. My parents went to breakfast and I stayed here at the hotel and straightened my hair. It only took about 2 hours. lol I got a new straightener and it steams n burns my hand so it takes longer. Well anywho. After I finished my hair we did some laundry then went out. We went to another Cado store n didn't really find anything. So we went to Walmart to get some stuff, then went to a restaurant callled Browns. It's kinda like Cracker Barrel in a way, it has the little store and restaurant. We didnt eat there we just browsed around the store. Then we came back to the hotel n TOdd met us here. We just kinda sat n chilled here til Dan got hungry n we decided to go to a mexican restaurant called Ta Molly's n TJ met us there. The food was pretty good, nothing like our California mexican food though. lol So after we ate TJ took me n mom so some park n we walked around there. It was really pretty. Super green and LOTS of bugs. It's cool seeing lightning bugs though. I got some pretty cool pics of them. Anyways after we walked the mile long path we drove to Sonic and came back to our hotel. We just hung out here acting dumb. Todd left n TJ stayed for a lil while longer, then he had to go. We all said our goodbyes. So sad. lol Well kinda was. It was alot of fun hanging out with them this week. But so now I'm here all packed up n ready to hit the road again. We will be driving all day tomorrow so i will prolly just sleep the whole day again. Ah it's the life. lol well that's bout it. Off to bed for me gotta get up at 6 (4am cali time). And I need my beauty sleep. lol Oh yea n while I was packing I went to put my vans in my suitcase n I turned it over and a dead spider fell in my hand it was so disgusting. This place has too many bugs!!!!! *shudder*


Erica Rose said...

MMMMMMMM That makes me want a Sonic strawberry slushie!!!!