Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Well I made it

I made it to Georgia, finally. So I got up around 3:45 or so and got dressed and ready to go. We left for the airport around 4 and got there bout 4:30. We checked in and went through the metal detectors. So I put my bags on the belt and put my shoes in one of those box/tub things. So I went through with no problems, but when I went to get my sandals from the belt only one was there. The lady who put my stuff through the screening thing she took my sandals out of the tub and one got stuck in the xray thing. So I'm standing there with one sandal looking retarded. I had to ask one of the security people to get my sandal out of the machine. Pretty interestting. lol I was stuck between conveyer belts. Someone needs to tell that lady tha tyou can't put thin flip flops through there unless they're in a tub. But that was just the beginning of the morning. We went to our gate only to find out that our flight was canceled. There was something wrong with the plane. So we had to get totally new flights. But our flight didn't leave til three hours after our original flight was supposed to leave. I was so tired, so I layed on the floor in the airport and went to sleep. The first flight went by fairly quickly. We landed with no problems, except the plane was rattling so bad when we landed I thought it was gonna fall apart. So we get to our gate to find out that they changed it on us. So we had to go to yet another gate only to find out that our flight is delayed by like an hour or two. So more time spent chilling in the airport, but at least this time i had cinabon. So our plane finally gets there and we board. Well to make a long story short we had rude flight attendants, and there were two babies on our row, which happened to be twins. And the flight attendents would only let one sit with their mom at a time n the other was with her sister. So they were constantly crying n being pains. Not a good flight. Thank God for ipods. But we made it, got out luggage n fought our way out of the airport. We ate at Cracker Barrel, got the big rig, and came to our hotel. So now I am just waiting for Joe to call n chilling in my room. So that was my day. More to come during this trip!!! Miss you all!


Erica Rose said...

Wow hahaha poor Heather! What a first day! No wonder you didn't answer for a really long time after you txted me at such an ungodly hour in the morning! You were sleeping! Lol at least you got there in one piece