Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 3

Alrighty, another day almost over. So far the trip is going by fast. Today was a good day, rather busy. I went to sleep about 2 this morning. I'm still not use to this time change. But anyways, I got up about 7:30 got dressed n went with my parents and Scooter downstairs to the breakfast buffet thing they offer at the hotel. It was ok except my potatos were hard as rocks, and the eggs were really runny, but other than that the bagel and chocolate milk was good. lol After breakfast we went to the convention center and started our set up. It was grueling. lol If that's even a word haha. We started setting up at 9 this morning and finished abour 4 this afternoon. I forgot how long and how much work it was to get everything organized and set up. But we got through it thank God. After we finished we went to Applebees for dinner, which totally made me miss home like ALOT. That's like where we go after church on Sundays all the time. :( I miss you guys! Anyways, after dinner we dropped Dan off at the hotel, and me, mom, and scooter went n did some shopping. We went to Avenue so mom could pay her bill, we went to some place called Rigged, it's like a Ross or DDs Discount. After that we went to Barnes and Noble and spent like forever there. I bought a book for one of my sisters, a chicken soup book, and a spanish english dictionary thing. lol I gotta learn spanish if Ima be visiting the Sernas again. lol Then after that we went to Super Walmart, again. I got some more books, and mom n scooter had to get some stuff. And now I am sitting in my room at the hotel writing this blog and reading a book. Oh yes, I am that talented. lol Well I miss all you people! More to come tomorrow. :)


Erica Rose said...

I miss my Heather!!! At least you know I am faithfully reading your blog since I have posted on each one heheh! Awww! Who am I gonna get my scrapbook stuff from now??? But anyway, I hope you stay bored so that you can post about the trip the whole time you're gone! (oh and no flirting with that what's-his-name-that-rode-the-cart-with-you-that-one-time, gotta love hyphens! Lol) I would say hurry home, but I prob won't be here, so I won't!

Jarron said...

sounds like you're having a great time.haha

Katie Booker said...

Hey Girlie!!!! Just when I finally get back into the "swing" of up and leave for 27 days!
Hope you are having fun!! =)
Love you bunches!
Come home safely and quickly!

Heather said...

Erica our store is ONLINE! Remember. lol And that guys name is Tyle and he doesnt work there anymore. lol I'm sorry Katie, lol I'll be home a week after I get back then I go to Peak. I miss you all

Erica Rose said...

Hey I knew that! lol! I just got to LOOK at the stuff in person before! Lol... Besides I just felt like saying that! I still need to use that $20 coupon from forever ago