Sunday, August 17, 2008


I am finally home for a little more than a week. So, we just got back from PEAK. It was the best youth trip I have ever been on. It was nice flying in an air conditioned plane for a few hours rather than days on our hot bus. We stayed at the Embassy Suites, a very nice hotel. I shared a room with Sarrah, Laura, Claudia, Valerie, Chantel, and myself. It was an interesting group. We had so much fun. Great memories were made, from a middle of the night snack trip down to the lobby, to Sarrah's new outfit (the sheet aka Carmello's shirt). We has so much fun, but nothing made the trip more worth it than the services. Wednesday nights service was awesome, I have never seen or felt such an amazing and powerful moviement of God. I can't even explain it. It was impossible NOT to be touched by the spirit. Our whole group was greatly blessed the first night. We couldn't imagine how the services the rest of the week could be more powerful than the first, but the other two nights were far more powerful. These services made a major effect on me and have changed me. Nothing compared to Friday nights service though. It was the most amazing thing seeing our youth group unite as one and pray together. We were all so moved by the spirit. Whoever was unable to make it this year definitely needs to start saving now if need be, so they can go next year. It was a life changing event and wil be a major historical mark in the history of Pentecost.


The Dillons said...

PEAK is def. worth saving up for. If you have to wash cars from now till next July, belive me you will be thankful you did. We had fun in the hotel and we had an awesome time in church.

Erica Rose said...

Awww looks like you had fun! LOVE your new hairstyle! I have 2 guesses who showed you how! Either Laura B or Jenn P? Awww miss you lots!

Jarron said...

"historical mark in the history of pentecost." haha i like that.....i like that.....i like

btw... yes, PEAK was fabulous. But what's even better, is that we have services here at our home church that are either just as powerful, or even more so, as our pastor preaches a new "best message i've ever heard", almost on a weekly basis. I love Pastor Booker!!! HE'S THE BEST!!!!! (can i get a witness!!!!) :-)

Bekki said...

Oh I had so much fun! It was amazing!!! I am definitely going next year, no if ands or buts about it. LOL