Monday, January 19, 2009


OK so I have come across yet ANOTHER problem! Our miniature groom is unable to be the miniature groom anymore. So now I'm totally stressing, I need a little Mexican boy who is 4-6 years old. I am stuck and have no idea what to do. And I had a late dress buyer for one of my flower girls, which they told me they had already bought it (it was supposed to be done by the 10th of January) so I had to fight with the lady from David's bridal over the phone and finally got a different dress (which they are supposedly ordering on Thursday) The lady from David's Bridal is supposed to call me and let me know when they order it. It's been one hectic day. OH, and I have learned how to drive stick!!! It's still jerky but I don't stall out as much!!! :)And we ordered the wedding cake today. Another thing done. So if any of you have ideas from mini groom let me know. But tuxedos aren't cheap, even for little people.

I'm going to be gray by the time the wedding comes around.