Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little things, BIG expenses!!!!!

Ok so I had an appointment today with Dr. Kan, an implantologist. He looked at my teeth and said everything was looking good, and that he wanted to set up another appointment to do some more impressions to prepare for the crown that they have to put on the implant. So that wasn't too bad, but they he went out and talked to my mom about how much it's going to cost. I'm glad she was sitting down. The grand total for my crown that's going in the gap I have is going to ready for this??? The total is......$3,591.00! Yes, Three thousand Five hundred and ninety-one dollars. How insane is that! I mean for ONE little tooth!!!! That's about half the cost of my wedding!!!!!! I probably have the most expensive mouth, I should be in Guiness World Records! So that is another stress added to my life! Pray for me, I think I'm losing my mind!