Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Day

So early this morning my mom, Scooter, Joe and I all drove to the Anaheim Convention Center for a wholesalers craft convention called CHA. It was interesting. We walked and walked for miles and miles. We saw just about every craft possible to make and sell. Some were interesting and some were just dumb. I think the dumbest thing was the Paris Hilton booth, and YES, she was there and we got to see her in person. I was determined, lol. I made Joe go with me to fight the crowds so I could say I saw her. lol And we got to see several Star Wars characters. Some company was promoting their new stickers and paper so they hired people to dress up in Star Wars costumes and walk around. And Joe and I got these headband things with hair on them, pretty interesting stuff. I got pictures of all of it but Paris Hilton, there was such a big crowd and people were getting crazy so we didn't stay to fight to take pictures. And that was our day!