Friday, January 16, 2009


So we're here sitting in the living room. Beth keeps having sharp pains that come and go. She is trying to decide on whether or not she needs to go to the hospital. I wish this kid would just hurry up and come out. She would have contractions before, but the doctors would always give her a shot because it was too early. Now that she is able to have the kid she's not having constant contractions. I wish this kid would just make up his mind already. We're all super antsy n just want it to happen already. So pray it happens soon.


Jana McVay said...

Praying! Go baby Garcia go!!!

Will be praying Beth has an uneventful, easy delivery! Oh, and that Jeremy doesn't faint or whatever...LOL I am sure he won't.

Lozano Family said...

Come on little Blake! I know you're mommy and every one else is waiting to see you!
We'll keep you all in our prayers!

Katie Booker said...

Come on out and see us little man!!
I gave your mommy some good advice today...if only she would do what I suggested hahaha!!

Love ya all...hope to get a txt soon =)