Thursday, January 15, 2009

80 days to go

If I counted correctly, I have 80 days until my wedding. How scary is that?!? things are slowly but surely falling into place. I can't wait til this is over. It has me so stressed out. Luckily everyone has been EXTREMELY helpful. Jeremy has become my personal assistant in making sure everything gets taken care of. Beth helps where she can, but with this THING growing inside her it's hard! lol We're hoping that she will go into labor within the next few days, and we have a baby before the baby shower. I can't wait to meet the little monster. Katie has been exceptionally helpful to me. She is going to coordinate the reception and she gives me all kinds of helpful advice. And we finally got Laura to agree to do the wedding pictures, I can't wait she does such an awesome job. Joe and I have been going crazy lately, or rather I have and the wonderful guy that he is just puts up with me. :) Well my nephew is running around the house crazily so I better go catch him. Just thought I would write a little since I haven't updated since LAST YEAR!!!! Terribly sorry!!! More to come....eventually! lol