Friday, March 6, 2009

Accidents Happen

So, my mom and I took Anthony with us for the evening on Tuesday so Maxine could get some rest. Poor girl is extremely sick. So me, my mom, and Anthony head to Walmart to get some stuff for the Bridal Shower. We're standing in the craft aisle, and I feel something dripping on my feet. I look around and see nothing, and it's still dripping. So I ask Anthony, "Did you Pee?" and He very calmly says "No". I'm still looking around trying to find where this unknown liquid is coming from. So I ask him again if he peed, and he still says No. So I lift him up and ask my mom to see if he's wet. Sure enough, the little booger peed right through his diaper, and pants on the cart and onto my feet. It was pretty gross. So we quickly finished up our shopping and left. Lucky for us Maxine sent us extra clothes for him. So we got him changed and cleaned, and my feet washed. Walmart is just full of memories. lol